pale plastico

Palets de Plástico | Trade Pallet

3,80 €

5,00 €

-1,20 €

Diseñados con polipropileno 100% reciclado, los palets de plástico de TradePallet son fuertes a la vez que ligeros.

El Trade Pallet, capaz de moverse en todos los terrenos de la industria como la alimentación y el picking, es ideal para exportaciones de todo tipo de productos, transporte y almacenaje de mercancía.

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greenbox g100 crudo

Greenbox G100

9,98 €

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greenbox g70 crudo

Greenbox G70

8,25 €

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greenbo g50 crudo

Greenbox G50

7,20 €

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box industrial de madera

Industrial Wooden Box

17,60 €

Wooden Box GB reusable packaging made of wood is recommended for transporting and storing indivisible loads, heavy machinery, merchandise, and even fragile and high-value equipment. Its wooden structure makes it very resistant containers, light and easy to handle.

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Lighter weight means lower transport costs. Made of recyclable plastic, they are environmentally friendly and durable.


Safe handling thanks to the anti-slip edges, non-conductive material, easy cleaning and stability.


Great durability thanks to the quality of the materials. The design and dimensions optimize the production.


Low energy consumption and easy handling in transport thanks to its lightness and a great product design.