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Tradepallet - Plastic pallet


Designed for maximum stability in high-strength recyclable plastic, it weighs only 2.9 kg. This plastic pallet is environmentally friendly, free of splinters and nails, does not absorb humidity and is easy to clean. Thanks to its perforated base it ensures the freshness and quality of the transported product. TradePallet is nestable, which means that it can save up to 50% of transport and storage space. 

- Measurement 600x800x150cm
- Weight 2'9kg
- Shipping costs 5€

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
30 €0.40 Up to €12.00
117 €0.95 Up to €111.15
175 €1.10 Up to €192.50
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Minimum order 5 units


In recent years there have been great improvements in the design of plastic pallets and today they are essential in many industries. There are many reasons for migration to plastic pallets.

icono ligero

Light weight

Our plastic pallets are the lightest on the market, which means great logistical savings for companies.

icono consistencia

Consistency in measurements and resistance

Because they are manufactured in mold following great quality controls, the precision in dimensions and load capacity always guarantees complete consistency and a top quality product.

icono seguro

Safer handling

Our Tradepallet is much safer to handle. Since parts are not released or chipped, they do not have nails or rivets that could damage the hands of the operators who handle them.

icono ecológico


Made with 100% recycled polypropylene, it complies with the ecology's three-er rule (reduce-reuse-recycle).

icono limpieza

Suitable for hygienic areas

Our Trade Pallets eliminate the possibility of accumulation of impurities in the pallet structure. Wooden pallets can pose a cross contamination problem in hygienic areas and clean rooms.

icono facil

Easy to clean

Our pallets can be steam cleaned or easily washed to remove any dirt.

icono impermeabilidad


TradePallet does not absorb moisture, even in the most adverse conditions.

icono futuro

An investment for the future

Taking into account the excellent conditions of TradePallet we can say that it is a perfect option to invest in the future of your company. As much for all its qualities as for its price, it pays for itself throughout its useful life.

These pallets also fit perfectly in our three storage solutions for food products: Greenbox G100 IndustryGreenbox G70 Industry and Greenbox G50 Industry.

Technical specifications

Requirements Reference Specification
MP Family of material Recycled PP
Physical-mechanical Weight 2800 GR +-3.50%
Transversal compressive strength 8000.00-0.00 N
Longitudinal compressive strength 12000.00-0.00 N
Load resistance (pressure) without breakage *
Dimensional Total height 144.00 MMS
Outside length 790.00 MMS
Outside width 595.00 MMS
Legal Fitness for contact with food EC Directive

* Minimum 2,000 N per support (8,000 N in total)